// Igor Barbosa

Hi, I am Igor Barbosa

This website is a way to share the activities, projects and research that I do in the field of computer vision and robotics.


If you are looking for technical posts, with codes, comments, hints, etc;  please fell free to explore the Projects section. On the Articles section you can find my the latests updates (being it part of a project or just personal interest ). If you would like some more information about me please take a look at the curriculum or try to contact me directly.

Hi, I am Igor Barbosa.

I am currently doing my PhD in Computer Vision at NTNU under the supervision of Dr. Theoharis. If you want to know a little bit more about my background you can check, my not so up to date curriculum or my Linked-in profile.

Currently my research interests are biometrics, security and machine learning. I will be glad to have a talk about those topics with you.

I cannot go without expressing my gratitude towards the Erasmus Mundus Program. If you are interested in computer vision and robotics and maybe  looking for a high quality masters program you should take a look at VIBOT.

If you want you check, my publications are over here.